As I have over the last several years placed much of what the Lord has given me concerning vision on this website; one area remained in obscurity.

About six months ago someone wrote in expressing a hope that I would post what the Lord has given me concerning intercession as it was the only segment of the vision I had not share on.

I did not at the time and still do not have words to express what the Lord showed. It almost falls in the realm of what Paul spoke of when he wrote in 2 Corinthians 12 saying that he was caught up "and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter."

Intercession is not something that can be seen as a gift like other spiritual gifts mentioned or taught on in scripture.

While it is a gift; I believe intercession falls into that realm of the Spirit where we are ALL called to participate... It's the calling of the Spirit to "whomsoever will"

While you may perceive that certain ones you know walk in this calling as an intercessor; it is not a gifting like prophet, teacher, etc. In those types of giftings there is a call of God that is unique, and while the experience of interceding for others is certainly unique... the call to intercede is OPEN TO ALL...

Sadly so very few answer the call

If you have a yearning to intercede for others; then don't buy into the lie that you are not an intercessor. We all have been called to stand in the gap for others.

Being an intercessor is a choice that is enabled or empowered by the Holy Spirit and is available to all who will "enter into His gates with thanks giving and into His courts with praise."

I have found that the act of worship is closely related to bringing our petitions before the throne as we intercede, and have included some worship music as intercession is truly one of those things that is imparted in the midst of worship... it must be "caught" not "taught"


In Him

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